got questions?

  1. Do I need a Physician referral or Doctor’s order to get Physical Therapy?

    In the state of Florida, you can go directly to a physical therapist for 30 calendar days before needing a prescription.

  2. How often will I be coming for therapy and how long?

    The frequency and duration of visits depends on your condition and ability to become self sufficient in mobility and exercise recommendations. In an ideal world this would happen under 12 weeks.

  3. What makes RZPT and Dr Marcia any different?

    Dr Marcia works on identifying mechanical issues, targeting weaknesses, and educating clients in order to return to prior level of activity. This involves some passive techniques such as IASTM or manual therapy, but will ALWAYS involve active techniques and education. There will be no hot pack and ultrasound routine with Dr Marcia !

    Your treatment will always be individualized and catered to your performance. One on one treatments will never be double booked or handed over to an assistant or student.

  4. Do you accept any insurance plans?

    At this time, we only accept Medicare and certain Tricare plans. Check with your provider about out of network benefits or Health Savings Accounts; you may be entitled to a reimbursement of payment.

    Keep in mind, over time you pay less at at a cash based results driven facility vs paying a copay 3 times a week for a substandard facility that takes your insurance. Why? Because you will achieve real results and often with less visits.

  5. What should I expect during a physical therapy visit?

    The first visit is started with a review of activity level, habits, and any pain. This is followed by a full body evaluation and functional assessment to pinpoint anatomical issues, weakness, or inflexibility that limits mobility. Visits may include soft tissue or joint mobilization prior to active corrective exercise and education on exercise recommendations.

  6. What’s the deal with mobility coaching?

    Mobility coaching is an online option for anyone looking to increase flexibility, decrease pain, improve balance, and work on muscle imbalances in order to improve sport performance or quality of life. Programming can be catered to anyone that wants to improve their mobility or recover from an injury without going to a PT clinic. Mobility coaching is customized and modifiable throughout the 6 weeks to optimize results.